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Mosaics class


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I believe that everyone has the ability to create art. That inside of us lives a unique style based on personal preferences that have been molded by our indivdual experiences in life. My teaching philosophy borrows very heavily from the Montessorri style of teaching to the individual. In my classes I am helping you discover your way of creating mosaics, not teaching you to replicate or copy another's style. The ablilty to create without a time limit lifts the pressures of a deadline which allows one to go back and change work as an idea evolves. No experience necessary.

Mosaics class is held at my 10 South Hanson St., Easton, MD studio. This has been an ongoing class since 2006! We meet Mondays 10am -1pm and 6pm-8pm, and Tuesdays 10am-1pm. There are no time limits on projects; you attend the classes that fit your schedule. Cost is $400, materials, tools, base, and instruction provided.

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Marianne Bay Bridge.HEIC
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