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Art is a communication between one's authentic self and a physical medium. A lover of the written word, I often find myself inspired to create my  mosaics after reading a passage in a book or hearing a line in a song. It is a mood or a moment I wish to recreate, both from my own experience and the anticipation of one. 

 I am an award winning mosaic artist and entrepreneur. I work with directly with clients, including interior design companies to create one of a kind mosaic installations for businesses, private residences and community centers. I am very involved with my community and specialize in large scale murals working with students. I also teach a bi-weekly mosaics class, with several of my students establishing themselves as artists.

Feel free to contacts me about one of my pieces or if you would like a unique commission piece done just for you.

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Adventures with Jen Wagner Mosaics

Gallery work


Gallery Work are the creations that come from my Heart and Soul. It's whatever content that is motivating me at that moment in time. Inspirations are song lyrics, literature or the way a moment feels.

Barred Owl
Winter in Blackwater
Do Not Disturb_edited
Birds of a Feather
Camouflage _edited
After the Bloom
Black Eyed Susans.gif
First Frost
Vintage Flowers
Structured Chaos
Vanishing Landscape
Christ Church
Rock Hall Mural
Madison Manor Park
Madison Manor 2
Madison Manor Park
Record Observor 2017

Community Projects


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Mosaics Classes are always happening! We meet (almost) every Tuesday night at 6pm-8pm, Thursday 10-2 and Sunday afternoons 10am-2pm at my studio on 10 South Hanson Street in Easton, MD. You pay per project and take as much time as you need; there are no deadlines or expiration dates! You can jump in any time! Everyone starts with a stained glass mosaic window - all materials and tools are provided! Feel free to contact me via the contact page.

Cost is $300

Gift Certificates Available

There are currently no openings in Mosaics Class.

Contact Jen Wagner to be [put on a waiting list